Alfons Garcia

In October 2020, the Commonwealth fulfilled its first twenty-five years of existence. Throughout this time, MIDIT has been consolidated as a tool for transforming the territory that includes the municipalities of Tivissa, Pratdip and Vandellòss and the Hospitalet de l'Infante,

The objectives achieved focus on two issues that may, a priori, appear to be essential, but which are not really so easy to achieve. I am referring, firstly, to the creation of a territorial identity for a fairly wide space, made up of three municipalities with identical historical roots and similar characteristics, which, over time, have moved away.

However, MIDIT has been the instrument that has allowed people and their people to keep closer together.

The other, no less, aspect has been to succeed in making the technicians and elected representatives of the three municipalities and also the economic players sit on the same table and, most importantly, to work together to reach common milestones and to maintain a close relationship that will promote public and private cooperation and cooperation.

In this process of consolidating the Commonwealth, the design, drafting and implementation of the MIDIT strategic plan and its current redefinition have played a major role, with the consensus of all the actors involved, which has served as a useful roadmap to mark the priorities, strategies and projects and develop throughout its implementation.

From this fourth century of the Commonwealth's history, I would also like to highlight, for your interest, the technical days you have organised, which have spurred on and promoted new challenges and projects with a more limited but well-founded scope. The creation of the tourist brand Terres de Mestral, as a large country display, should also be emphasised.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all those who have been involved in the work of the Commonwealth. Thanks to its involvement and the boost given to it by the technical team, this public body of a supra-local nature has become a reference and an essential part of focusing on the future development of the three municipalities.